MINIMIZE RISK, Avoid costly surprises.

What we do

Pre­shipment inspections of goods and industrial equipment made in China.

Our Mission

To help our customers minimize the risk involved in purchasing products made in China by inspecting the goods before they are shipped to their final destination.

Our history

The company was founded in China in 2005 by two young brothers who have instilled in it a vibrant spirit of initiative and integrity. Today, HDT|Inspection

has offices in Mainland China, Brazil and Argentina, and helps large, medium and small companies.

I regularly buy plastic moulds in China for my factory. I never authorise the shipment of a mould before HDT witnesses the mould running for a full day.

Alfredo Osses, AroPlastyc, customer since 2007

We buy water dispensers in China every month for our stores in Argentina, Brazil and Chile.
Thanks to HDT inspections we save money and headaches.

Marcelo Sansone, SP Plásticos, customers since 2008

HDT has been inspecting goods for us everyday since 2009.
We count on HDT.

Wal-Mart Argentina

Our Solution

International trade involves a risk: you pay but you do not see the goods until they reach the destination port. Once they arrive it may be to late. Our customers come to us looking for a reliable and thorough inspection that will help them minimize the risk of receiving

faulty goods, less quantity, or any non­conformity with their order. Our inspectors visit the factory, inspect the goods, and draft a thorough report that will help our customer avoid costly surprises.


inspection report ready in 24hs.


thorough reports you can trust.


a good price for a job well-done.

Our Clients